Apple Airpods (2nd Generation) Review

The Apple Airpods are the only apple product that I have ever bought, and I absolutely love them. I was a bit reluctant to buy them at first because of the price and went for a cheaper brand that had good reviews at first. However after trying 2 other wireless earphones from cheaper brands, I just could not stand the quality from their first use. The reviews also turned out to be not so reputable.

Then from the first use of my Airpods, I was happy with them right away. They were easy to connect via bluetooth, and the sound quality was excellent. No other wireless earphone/earbud has had the same sound quality that these did. They’re comfortable, light, stylish, and the battery lasts for a long time.

I did have trouble with them keeping a bluetooth connection with my PC at first, but replacing the old bluetooth dongle I had solved that. Besides my PC, I also use them with my phone and laptop which can just as easily connect. The charging case is also compact and convenient.

The other reason I bought the 2nd generation of Airpods is because I myself cannot stand the rubber earbuds. They get messy after every single use, and make my ear feel too hot and even sweaty sometimes. My primary use wasn’t for phone calls, but they do a great job of picking up your voice despite their size and that they’re far away from your mouth.

If you’re on the fence, I would highly recommend getting them to see how good they are for yourself. They’re definitely worth it, so I would say don’t spend any money on other wireless earphones that won’t measure up.