Packing Cubes – A Must Have For All Devoted Travelers

Packing cubes are a great way to organize any size of luggage or even backpacks for traveling. I myself used to go through the frustration of fishing through luggage trying to find one thing buried beneath everything else. I wish I knew sooner how much easier it was to organize everything when you have these.

There’s usually a few different sizes of cubes you get with any set. Smaller cubes for socks and underwear, then larger cubes for your other clothes. I also highly recommend getting packing cubes that include a laundry bag and toiletries bag.

The toiletries bag is especially useful when sharing rooms with 2 or more people. Instead of having so much spread out on a bathroom counter, you have a convenient and durable bag to keep your own belongings in for when you need them. It’s my favorite part of the whole set.

I would highly recommend the Gonex packing cubes set. It comes with several sizes of cubes and the toiletries/laundry bag described above. I’ve had them for over 2 years now and they still look and work good as new. The link below is to the set of 9, which is the best to get. You’ll have a cube for everything you need.

Another style of packing cubes I would recommend is the set from the Bagail brand. It’s pretty much the same, but it has a toiletry bag with some more convenient spacing. This is another good option I wanted to mention. It also comes with a portable shoe box and is around the same price as the others.