The Best No Frills At-Home Workout Equipment

During the pandemic many people, including me turned to an at home workout routine and creating their own gym. The demand for workout equipment for this skyrocketed, and thus many new suppliers came in to fill the need. As usual, there’s an overwhelming amount of choices for equipment, and with the new products that came in, so did the fake reviews and huge amounts of promotion.

It took me a while to create my own simple workout, and to find the right equipment. My routine involves pull-ups, and mainly other bodyweight exercises. So I also got workout bands to do some of those. I also wrote a guide to the excellent minimal equipment workout that I do every week as well.. Here is the equipment that worked out perfectly for me, and what I would highly recommend.

ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Lite Pull Up/Chin Up Bar For Doorways

At Home Workout Pull Up Bar

This is probably the most popular doorway pull up bar there is, and for good reason. Despite the many complaints in the Amazon reviews, I’ve had zero problems with it. I do both pull-ups and chin-ups with it around 2-3 times per week. After 2 years of use, it’s still in great shape and shows barely any signs of wear.

One thing to look out for, if you have thick borders of door casing then it might not fit as well. Thinner seems to work better. Also, when doing pull-ups you should try to stay towards the center. With any pull-up bar, your elbows are going to stick out quite a bit and may hit the door. Keeping your core straight and tight is important for the exercise and avoiding this as well.

Whatafit Pull Up Assist Bands / Resistance Workout Stretch Bands

Exercise Resistance Bands Display

These exercise bands are good for both pull-up assistance and other bodyweight exercises. They are especially convenient for beginners doing full pull-ups or negatives. These bands are one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment you can get.

This specific pack has 4 bands with different resistance levels (Red: 15-35 lbs., Black: 25-65 lbs., Purple: 35-85 lbs., Green: 50-125 lbs). It also contains a storage bag in case you plan to take them to a gym or anywhere else you might work out. Again, after 2 years of medium use, the bands are still in great shape and show no tears and hardly any signs of wear.