The Best Roku Streaming Device | Save Money & Switch From TV

I recently switched away from using cable TV to a Roku streaming device, and the results are amazing. Specifically I purchased the Roku 4k Streaming Stick, and I wish I would have do so sooner. Every streaming service you can think of is included. Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, HBO Max, and much more. There’s even many free channels provided by the Roku Channel which combines other services like Pluto TV.

Before switching, I was a Comcast customer and the bill was up to about $300 per month. That included internet, TV, and Phone as well as two Xfinity boxes. The usual problem with cable TV is that you have to buy their other services or it costs as much anyways.

How Much Money Did I Save After Switching

Even if you pick many streaming services through Roku, it’s very likely you’ll still be saving a lot of money. Fios internet through Verizon is only $25 for 300 Mbps which is really fast and will work for multiple people. The number #1 alternative people recommended to me was YouTube TV which starts out as $55 then goes to $65 after 3 months.

So for the very basics my monthly costs for TV and Internet ends up at around $100 if you include tax. That also includes the free channels through Roku TV. Then for a few more popular necessities, Netflix is $15.49 for their standard plan. Disney + is $8, and finally Hulu for $7 per month.

So even with all of those I’m saving around $200 a month and $2,400 per year. Is your bill $150+? You can definitely benefit from this change!

Which Roku Device Should I get? Express, Stick, or Ultra

I highly recommend just going for the Roku Streaming Stick 4k or 4k+. The Express still works just fine, but if you want to get the most out of streaming just spend the extra bit and get one of the 4k sticks. It even comes with the voice remote which can also change your TV’s volume and power it on and off. That’s a massive plus, and you’ll wish you would have gotten it if you just go with the express version.

The Streaming Stick 4k and 4k+ also has better versions of HDMI display including HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and also supports faster WiFi speeds. The Ultra is another option, and is the most expensive. For good reason though. It’s the fastest device, and even comes with a built in Ethernet port. The remote also features a headphone jack so you can listen privately if you want.

The Roku software is simple, clean, and convenient. Along with the voice remote, I don’t have a single complaint about anything. You will be able to watch just as much as you were before, and you’ll save a lot of money.