The Best Travel Gear and Accessories of 2022

Whether you’re visiting an AirBNB, going camping, or staying at a resort, here’s an excellent list of travel gear and other items for most occasions that you’ll want to bring along!

Portable Travel Doorlock for Hotels, AirBNB’s, or Any Door!

Portable Doorlocks for travel are a cheap and highly recommended accessory for anyone worried about security in hotels, AirBNBs, or anywhere you’re staying. Whether you’re worried about staff, or the owner who has a key coming in – you can easily put a stop to them with this. All you do is insert the custom latch into the door, close it, and you have your own sturdy lock. For how cheap they are, it’s absolutely worth it.

Portable Power Bank – Phone, Laptop, and Electronics Charger

If you’ve never used a power bank before, or never heard of one then this is something you should try out! If you’re in for a long trip on the plane or in a car, you’ll never have to worry about your phone or laptop dying half way there again. They are one of the most convenient items to bring along.

Besides that, it’s great to have in emergency situations or while camping where you don’t have a guaranteed power source. The portable charger I would like to recommend is 38,800 mAH and can charge your device ~6 times! It’s also compact and very durable, this model is about 6″ x 3″ x 1″.

Hilife Portable Clothes Steamer

This is another amazing item many people aren’t aware of. Never worry about wrinkled clothes on a trip again! All you need is an outlet and some water. The top of the clothes steamer opens up, fill it with water, then plug it in.

It works almost like an electric kettle, boiling the water which creates a pressurized flow of steam from the nozzle. Make a few passes with the steam on your clothes, and the wrinkles will be gone in no time. Note, if you’re worried about any sort of shrinking that has never once happened for anything I’ve used it on.

Packing Cubes – The Perfect Way to Pack for Any Trip

I’ve covered my favorite brand of packing cubes in an earlier article, but I’m including them here since they are such a convenience. The toiletries bag is the other essential included in this kit. The Gonex set comes with 7 cubes and 2 of the toiletries bags. You can have a bag for each type of clothing, or even reserve one for some shoes.

What I like to do with the toiletries bag when on trips with many people is to keep everything in the bag, and only take my stuff out when I need it. No more losing you stuff or other people messing with it!

Emergency 299 Piece First Aid Kit

It’s always important to be prepared in case of injuries or unexpected circumstances. After much searching, this is the best first aid kit for the price there is. It includes bandages, simple packs of ointment and antibiotics, and everything else you expect in a kit.

It also has a few extra items that other kits don’t have such as the emergency blanket, if you happen to be staying in a colder location, and small doses of some basic medications. If you’re traveling in the cold or camping in the cold, I’d highly recommend getting more of those emergency blankets!

Wandf Foldable Travel Luggage Bag

This is a small, but convenient, and cheap luggage bag. It’s only $13 and great to have with your carry on, or just to have an extra bit of space. It’s also good for keeping emergency supplies/clothes together. For the price, it’s surprisingly durable and stylish.

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Title Stock Photo by Vojtech Bruzek.