The Best White Noise Machine with High Quality Sound

Whether it’s for you or your kids, the Reacher R2 white noise machine is by far the best I’ve ever come across. It features a wide variety of high quality sounds, a shutoff timer, a nightlight, and more. I remember having to try out and return 2-3 others before this, and it’s difficult to find a white noise machine with high quality sounds. The others I tried were too compressed and just not as great to fall asleep with.

I stick with the white noise sound since it sounds like wind. Besides the white noise, there’s also rain, ocean, forest, night creature sounds, tons. You can also finely adjust the volume to your liking. Some people like it loud, others much less noticeable. It works either way. For your kids, it also has an adjustable color night light! You can dim it to your liking, change colors, or turn it off completely.

Pick Your Favorite Sounds!

It’s completely digital, unlike some others out there that use an actual fan with an adjustable shell. Those are usually louder, just in case that’s what you’re going for. With a price at around $30, the Reacher R2 is the best though. It’s the usual price for any digital white noise machine, but there’s just so much out there that I’ll stick with what I know works perfectly. You won’t be disappointed by this one! Mine’s been going strong for around 3 years now, and still works good as new.

It’s easy to travel with too. I take it on me for any trips and vacations if I’m going to be in a hotel, condo, or places with others. It’ll help drown out the inevitable noise from neighbors. You can put it in carry-on luggage as well, it’s a pretty compact size.